Thinking ahead...

Every technology leader has their daunting operational business challenges.

This is that thorny problem you wish would go away.
Previous attempts have failed to silence it.
Your teams are getting burned out trying.
And it’s still dragging down your productivity, your financials, and, well... you.

The Heart of the Problem

The bad news

is you don't just have a product or process problem...
You also have a people problem.

Good news

is you likely already have nearly all of the resources you need to fix the problem.

You need a way to form a new team working in a new way to create a new solution.

That's what we do.

Results Orchestration™

Results Orchestration resolves big, thorny operational problems by getting the team you already have unstuck.

It sounds simple.
It's hard (that's why it's a problem).
It works (keep reading).

How Results Orchestration™ Works


Contain Business Problem

In reality, you need to solve two problems – the long-term deep-seated problem that has defied several attempts already.

But before you have the space to really focus on that, you need to “stop the bleeding” on one or two key symptoms.

You need a quick response. Results Orchestration starts by providing some symptom relief as quickly as possible. This provides an early win for the team and demonstrates initial progress.

It also gives the team a new experience with the “real” problem that still lies beneath.

That's what we're really gearing up for.

Rejuvenate Team

We don’t “swoop in” as hired guns to tell your team what they’re doing wrong. If it were that easy, you would have solved it already.

The road to a solution runs through your team, not around it. We focus on transforming the collection of frustrated individuals on an assignment into a united solution team. We have a demonstrated track record of creating more capability from your current team. Check our recommendations.

We build towards success by building credibility and trust with and within the team, and breaking through communication blocks that have prevented true progress.

Now the team can take a fresh and deeper look at the root causes of the problem and what has prevented prior solutions from working.


Implement Long-term Solution

Now we dig into identifying the root causes responsible for the multiple symptoms that have been plaguing you.

Plus we scrutinize the obstacles that have defeated previous solution attempts.

With these insights, we reframe the business problem with a fresh 360° view by clarifying the impacts and prioritizing elements of the solution.

But we’re not done -- because the solution has not been delivered.

We use our industry experience and project management expertise to deliver the solution and the results you’ve been seeking.

Continue Momentum

As we are solving the original problem we also introduce and train on solution methodology and team processes that can have continuing impact.

The ‘problem team’ has now become the ‘star team’ and wants to continue with that new hope, energy, and focus.

This can have a ripple effect on the rest of your company. We train  and schedule regular check ins to nurture that impact.


JILOA uniquely combines the three areas of expertise needed to solve a three-sided challenge like yours.

Business Expertise
People Expertise
Execution Expertise

What People are Saying

Our clients are relieved to finally see real progress made overcoming long-standing challenges that were stuck for so long

It’s why our clients have hired us on average for 3.2 projects

Mike brought the skills to establish trust within a team struggling to turnaround a product line, as well as the collaborative decision-making, planning, and execution tools to get them to identify and focus on the handful of action items that had immediate financial impact.
— Angelo Rago
Global Head, Ophthalmic Diagnostics
Carl Zeiss Meditec Inc., USA
Just when we really needed it, Mike provided a structured approach that aligned our leadership team around common goals. Then he provided both the engine and the oil to smoothly move the team forward on those goals. It was so effective that we are still leveraging the techniques he taught us years later.
— Carine Hoarau
Portfolio Director, Global Research & Development
Fresenius Medical Care
In a business unit that was underperforming for years and had gained an internal reputation as a loser, Mike helped us to build trust, motivation, and collaboration that let us grow the business 70% in just one year while also reducing cost.
— Meike Mack
Digital Business Manager
Carl Zeiss Meditec Inc., USA
Mike is a high integrity person. He has a sense of optimism and forward thinking that brings fresh perspectives. He became both a hands-on member of the team and an important confidant for me.
He’s not out for recognition but focuses on results for the organization, teams, and individuals.
— Michael Brownell
Vice President, Research & Development
Abbott Medical Optics, LLC

So what's next for you?

That big problem is apparently still there.
And the team is still struggling.

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