About the Founder

Mike Lafferty

Founder & Chief Problem Solver

Early in his career, Mike developed a reputation for solving large business problems at several global technology companies including Abbott, Siemens, and Teradyne. In particular...

Carl Zeiss

Transformed a medical software product line from losing $7M annually to break-even in 12 months. Restructured leadership team, facilitated collaborative goal-setting, conducted deep problem-solving, built collaborative and high-trust project teams, provided concrete success metrics.

Fresenius Medical Care

Led turn-around of US R&D team for global medical device manufacturer resulting in increased accuracy to schedule, reduced project cycle-time, and reduced costs. Assessed and addressed management team issues, developed strategy and timing, mentored and coached VP and Directors, and implemented JILOA Management Framework.

Abbott Medical Optics

Successfully managed the redesign of a complex surgical laser product to bring new user benefits to customers. Improved team operations, communications and planning practices, and elevated overall team productivity.

Mike founded JILOA Partners in 2005 to bring together the three realms of expertise:

  • Business Experience
  • People Management
  • Technical Execution

A specialist in business turnaround and problem solving, Mike’s educational background and degree in Mechanical Engineering enables him to approach each challenge with logistical efficiency and deliver the quantifiable results that makes JILOA unique.

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